monitor cr logo 01 na strone wwwWe are excited to share that portfolio company of INVESTIN Group  Monitor CR, performs the pilot implementation of applications eSource Manager and eSource Viewer.

We are more than proud that AstraZeneca joined us as a pilot participant! AstraZeneca is one of the largest and most innovative pharmaceutical companies in the world, which employs more than 61,000 employees and has 14 R&D centers. At the same time it is one of the leaders in clinical trials market.

One of the first implementations of the pilot is carried out at the University Clinical Centre in Gdansk, where we have integrated MCR Tools system with the Hospital Information System "CliniNET", developed by CompuGroup Medical Poland. The clinical trials’ team from University Clinical Centre in Gdansk is testing eSource Manager – an application managing a clinical trial at the Site. Astra Zeneca is testing eSource Viewer – an application which allows you to remotely view the anonymised medical records of clinical trials’ participants.

A pilot implementation allows us to validate our approach for full application deployment and to customize the user interface in order to best meet customer needs.

The MCR Tools system facilitates the process of clinical trial. The next pilot implementations are in progress. More information coming soon!

More information about the MCR:

akredytacja oi mrWith great pleasure, We announce that on the 30 of August 2016 the Ministry of Development approved the INVESTIN Group accreditation as an Innovation Centre, acknowledging the pro-innovation services for small and medium-sized enterprises that We provide.

The accreditation system has been prepared, among others, for the purposes of 2.3.1 sub-measure of the "Pro-innovative IOB services for SMEs" Intelligent Development Programme, implemented by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. Its framework will support pro-innovation advisory services reported by entrepreneurs, but only if they are provided by an accredited innovation centre. According to the rules of recruitment, accreditation is granted for two years.

With its the advisory services, INVESTIN Group supports companies, universities, research institutes and institutions connected to the innovation, R&D, technology transfer and commercialization domain. Our assistance brings significant added value for the strategic development processes.

We offer to help with the implementation of projects financed from both domestic and foreign funds.

Additional information can be found here:

news pngOn the 3rd and 4th of February this year, a first meeting was organized in the Mazowieckie Province Marshal's Office for the working groups in regards to the smart specialization plan for the vovoidship. During this meeting experts of the consortium group INVESTIN and Plock Industrial and Technological Park presented their recommendations and assessments on research agendas.
The concept of smart specialization is the basis for supporting innovation in the financial aspects for the years 2014-2020. It requires an implementation of effective methods of obtaining information about the economy and trends in the entrepreneurs’ R&D activities. Areas of specialization should correspond to the identified current needs of entrepreneurs, but also indicate other directions to allow taking advantage of future opportunities.
Consortium Group INVESTIN and PPPT, possessing a versatile team of experts with the knowledge, skills and market experience required, has been selected by the Marshal's Office to carry out an expertise on the lists of priority directions of research (research agendas) resulting from the findings of the smart specialization working groups. Experts' opinions serve to clarify and possibly modify the content of agendas.
Expert work relate to 6 thematic areas: food safety, health, modern business services, intelligent management of systems, cosmetics, high quality of life. As a part of the expertise, the Consortium undertook to create a report for each of the priority directions of research, preparing and conducting a presentation of the recommendations and ensuring the participation of experts in discussions during the meetings of the working groups. Further meetings are scheduled for the 8th of February.
A detailed schedule of the working groups meetings can be found here.



Is it possible to carry out research in Poland at a satisfactory level? Can academic institutions convince the Poles studying or pursuing research abroad to return? Why so many innovators won't set up a startup in Poland? Does the new law on supporting innovation satisfies the real needs of the startup community? These are the main topics of the II E(x)plory Congress organized by the Foundation for Advanced Technologies under the title "Innovation - go ahead. But which way?", which will be held on the 2nd of December this year in the Center of New Technologies CeNT of the University of Warsaw.

The Congress is aimed at Polish innovators, not only those implementing startup projects, but also the scientists conducting research at universities and scientific institutions and the representatives of companies'  R&D departments, as well as financing or innovation fostering institutions. "Such a diverse group will allow for multi-level discussions on the development conditions for innovation. - says Zuzanna Ziajko of the Foundation for Advanced Technologies, coordinator of the Congress -" This discussion is needed now, especially in the view of the enactment of the new law on innovation, which was warmly received by the startup community "- Ziajko adds.

The main theme of the Congress will be a discussion on the topic  of the ongoing legislative changes and the instruments necessary to support innovators. In the discussion "Stay or Leave?" will take part Eliza Kruczkowska (Startup Poland), Borys Musielak (Reactor), Dr. Przemyslaw Żelazowski (SatAgro), Tomasz Czapliński (SpeedUp Group), Ewa Chronowska (Capital Ventures) and Michael Bubble (PARP). The panelists will consider what Poland can offer to entrepreneurs and whether it pays to invest in a business in Poland.

How to encourage talented young people to study in Poland and how to ensure that young scientists feel a sense of fulfillment in their studies in Poland will discussed by Assoc. Marta Szulkin of CeNT of Warsaw University, Dr. Joanna Bagniewska of the University of Reading, Dr. James Bochiński representing the Open University / Copernicus Science Centre and Jan Przybyłowicz, runner-up of the E(x)plory Scientific Competition 2015.

An additional attraction for the Congress participants will be the Special Edition of the E(x)plory Scientific Contest, which will be attended by 41 young scientists, aged 14-20, pursuing their own research projects. The winners selected during the contest will represent Poland at many prestigious worldwide science competitions in 2016 - the Intel ISEF in the United States, INFOMATRIX in Romania, INESPO in the Netherlands and Europe Expo Sciences in France.

Participation in the E(x)plory Congress is free, although it requires registration by filling out a form at the, where also a  detailed program of events can be found.

vwwwPI Ventures Fund will not commence. Unfortunately, the organizing period ended before the funds from private investors required to start the Fund could have been ultimately confirmed.

PI Ventures investment fund was supposed to manage capital in the amount of approx. 220 million zlotys, with half of the funds provided by the National Research and Development Centre (NRDC) under the pilot edition of the Bridge VC.The Bridge VC program aims to stimulate investment in the development of new technologies. It offers public-private support for the commercialization of the results of research and development with the participation of Venture Capital Funds.

In the March of this year a tripartite cooperation agreement, between NRDC, INVESTIN Group and Pitango Venture Capital, was signed to update the previous contract from the February of 2014 in order to align its provisions to the content of the amended provisions concerning the conditions required for and the procedure of granting state aid and de minimis aid through NCBR.
In parallel, the fundraising and recruitment activities and investment proposals aimed to build a broad deal flow of innovative projects and technologies. All to prepare the best projects for immediate investment when the funds became available.  

"It is a painful disappointment when a three-year old, complex and ambitious process does not end in success" - says Wladyslaw Halbersztadt, co-founder and board member of the INVESTIN Group - "From today's perspective, it was an unfortunate move to abandon the original assumptions of the pilot project that parts of the capital would have been provided by Polish and Foreign partners separately.   The solution in which fundraising is run jointly has not proven to be neither effective nor successful "- adds Halbersztadt.

Currently, INVESTIN Group engages in negotiations with various potential investors to run a Venture Capital fund with a different organizational and legal formula to achieve maximum synergy with a conducted by INVESTIN acceleration of start-ups, business consulting and training in the field of Polish and global innovation market.
INVESTIN portfolio currently includes innovative projects based on the results of R&D, strong intellectual property and/or unique industry know-how in the areas of life sciences, energy, natural resources and financial services.

 "We expect to achieve significant progress in talks with the investors over the next 4-5 months," - says Piotr Koral, President and CEO of INVESTIN, adding - "We are not giving up the multisectoral strategy adopted for the PI Ventures project and have supplemented our proposals with an industry approach. Now, our offers are targeted for the specific sectors of the economy and the institutional investors with clearly targeted investment profiles."


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