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The INVESTIN’s portfolio includes innovative projects based on newest R&D results, strong intellectual property and/or unique business know-how.

INVESTIN develops innovative technologies and most promising ventures and builds start-up portfolio in the diversified area of smart computing, big data and fin-tech; sustainable, natural resources and energy technologies; as well as health care solutions and health IT.


  • Engineering and IT solutions
  • Strong competitive advantage
  • Unique approach and design


  • Global
  • Scalable
  • Growing


  • Top-tier specialist in the field
  • Proactive and business-oriented
  • Strong ability to lead the team

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The company supports the process of monitoring clinical trials, providing innovative solutions


Seed / Health IT

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Internet service to facilitate the process of recruiting research Sites and patients for clinical trials


Start-up / Health IT


Automated debt e-collection
system dedicated for
B2C and B2B markets


Seed / Fin Tech


Innovative technology of ecological precious metals and rare earth elements recovery from electronic waste with the use of specific chemical reaction


Seed / Clean Tech


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